Sekai Project is one of many companies localizing Visual Novels into English. And for the next 2 weeks you can get 17 Sekai Project Visual Novels for $12. Thats less than $1 a game. (or pay less and receive less games) And it supports charity too! Feel good and score some awesome Visual Novels with the new humble bundle.

Pay just $1 to receive:

Fault Milestone 2KaraKaraNekoPara Vol 0Ame no Marginal Rain Marginal

Beat the average (currently $10.16) to receive:

All of the Above PLUSNekoPara Vol 1Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 1Marcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Project, Plus Season PASS DLCFault Milestone two side:aboveSound of Drop -fall into poisonHighway Blossoms (a Yuri game (girl x girl game))Japanese School Life

Pay $12 to receive it all:

All of the Above PLUSNekoPara Vol 2Wold End Economica Complete EditionIdol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru Part 2Memorys Dogma Code:01Robot Double Before Crime After Days Xtend EditionSunrider: Liberation Day Captains Edition

Thats a whole lot of visual novels for not a big price! I only had 3 of these currently in my collection (and almost all of them wishlisted). I am super excited about this bundle and cant wait to start playing.

Robot Double sounds incredibly interesting to me from the brief description. It states that unlike traditional Visual Novels, there are no clear cut choices, but instead you control the story purely through your emotions.

If youre interested in grabbing this bundle for yourself, check out

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