Hello My Fellow Treasure Hunters! We have a new Treasure Mountain Detectors Featured Treasure Hunter! I would like to introduce to you the Tech/Metal Detector star of the hit television show Legend of the Superstitious Mountains, Dirt Fishin America Crew member and all around great Treasure Hunter Eric Magnuson aka Dirt Digler!

At the age of 22, Dirt Digler first started metal detecting!. After many years of gold prospecting with traditional methods like sluices and dredges, He was introduced to detecting for gold nuggets from a prospecting friend. He found a small 0.6 gram nugget in his first hour of detecting and was hooked! Soon Dirt Digler purchased his first coin and relic machinea Whites XL Pro 6000 (I actually remember that detector. Great metal detector for its time). Digler had the opportunity to detect a 19th century home owned by a family friend and discovered his first Mercury Dime. Detecting quickly became his #1 passion with no close second!

Like most beginners, consistent success was elusive at best. He got skunked far more often than he made finds! But, Digler stuck with it and consistently improved! Over time Diglers hobby has led to more commercial and professional opportunities. He now writes for various mining and metal detecting publications. He also trains new detectorists in both gold and coin/relic hunting. Along with Brandon Dr. Tones Niece, he co-owns and operates the Dirt Fishin America channel on Youtube. Dirt Digler has had the chance to travel across the United States (and soon world) doing what he loves. Treasure Hunting.

In 2015 he appeared as a recurring cast member on the History Channel series Legend of the Superstition Mountains. Check out the link here http://www.history.com/shows/legend-of-the-superstition-mountainsWhy Dirt Digler Loves This Hobby: The outdoors have always been his spiritual cathedral. Detecting allows him to escape the frantic pace of life and explore the most remote parts of our country. Digler gets to make new friends and stay close to old ones. It provides an opportunity to spend quality time with his family. Last but not least, it provides an intimate way for Digler to connect with history and those who came before us. Detectorists uncover history!

Dirt Diglers Current Favorite Detector: Minelab CTX 3030 (Coin Relic), Minelab GP 5000 (Big Gold), Fisher Gold Bug 2 (sub-gram shallow gold)

Dirt Diglers 5 Favorite Finds: Check Out The Pics Below!• 1888 $5 Gold Coin (Half Eagle)• 1.38 Troy Oz Nugget• 1823+ Gram Meteorite (H4 Chondrite)• 13+ ounce nugget patch with my detecting partner• 1830 Capped Bust Half Dime

Eric Magnuson aka Dirt Digler is a friend of Treasure Mountain Detectors and an overall great guy! Check his Face Book page out here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008240433643fref=ts . Also . Dont forget to check him out as part of the Dirt Fishin America Crew with the Famous Dr. Tones! https://www.youtube.com/user/DrTones24k  . Remember for all of your Treasure Hunting Equipment check out http://treasuremtndetectors.com/ or Contact Master Treasure Hunter Ed Huffman for the best deals!


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